Untere, Mittlere und Obere Berger Straße Frankfurt am Main

Berger Straße is the liveliest street in Frankfurt

Frankfurt Berger Straße

Berger Straße is the liveliest street in Frankfurt. Cafes, Bars and Restaurants as well from local as from other countries. And you still get the feeling of a village life in a “big city”.

Franziska Becker, a German Language Teacher who loves English writes for the old-established, for the new arrivals, for those in transits and for all those still to come, welcome to the loveliest street in the world.

I have lived here since 2013 - on a street just parallel to the Berger - and when I moved in, I quickly realized that I would never want to live anywhere else.

It is a district that lives for itself, where people come together from all different walks of life and cultures.

People you’ve never even spoken to belong here. They belong here like the „Uhrtürmchen“ (the clock tower), the „Apfelwein“ (cider), the „Frankfurterisch“, the „Gebabbel“. Even if they just pass by for a short stop.

Everything you need is here. An auto repair shop (I don't have a car), a dressmaker just around the corner, cafes, wine cellars and restaurants, a tool shop, housewares, a carpenter, a locksmith ... almost everything you could need is at your fingertips. And I love the small-town flair in this part of Frankfurt – Frankfurt the "big city".

I am always biking around town and enjoy being a part of this city-life. Whether it’s a busy day or on a quiet Sunday, life is amazing here.

For me, Bergerstrasse is a wonderful city center of activity, from doing your daily shopping to visiting places where you meet a local and an international friendly bunch of people who enjoy good wine, the frankness, the „Grie Soß“ and the breaded schnitzel. I love it!! Everything!

The Berger is the place where my world comes together. It’s the intersection of my life with friends, where I cook and where I work and also meet people from everywhere: at the language school Sprachschule on the Börsenstrasse.

So in the morning, I ride my bike down the Berger. And when I ride my bike up again in the evening, I'm so happy because I get the chance to be in the middle of this dynamic city district life. I can get off my bike, sit down in a pub or a cafe and end the evening in style.

I'm right in the middle of this amazing “big city”, I go from one end of the Bergerstrasse to the other. This street is really unique.


Franziska Becker

German teacher at the language school

Sprachschule on the Börsenstrasse

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